Occupy Wall St. West January 20 Action Map

NOTE: You can download and print a Printable Map (PDF) as well as checking out the online map below (which has the latest map updates).

"Wall St.", shorthand for corporate power, is not just in New York City. The San Francisco Financial District has long been nicknamed "Wall St. West" because it is also a major center of corporate power and wealth. We have named and mapped these financial institutions so that we can occupy them. Let's expose how Wall St. operates in our midst, attacking our communities, homes, education, environment, democracy, livelihood, and well being. Let's push back against corporate power, overthrow the rule of "the 1%" and its crazy legal foundation of corporate personhood. Let's build a better world! We chose the key Wall St. West banks and corporations based on the following criteria:

  1. Major players in the economy
  2. Contributed to the 2008 meltdown
  3. Have a presence in San Francisco
  4. There are on-going local campaigns against them

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