The following organizations are participating in the January 20, 2012, Wall Street West Actions (listed in alphabetical order):

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  1. comrades i’m 4m india.we hv whole hearted support to you.remember as long as these vampires called corporate houses are there no 1 can imagine a better world.letz crush them.

    • CAUTION!
      Apply some critical thinking here and you discover that there is a broad spectrum of “corporations”, some of them VERY humanely disposed. (esp. in EU) We could do ourselves a LOT of good by learning to differentiate them and to build alliances with the more progressive ones for a powerfully convincing coalition to motivate “vulture corpporations” toward positive change. Many only need to be shown the competitive advantages of operating in that mode.

  2. Vision statement from Franklin D. Roosevelt:
    The Four Freedoms
    1. Freedom from Want
    2. Freedom from Fear
    3. Freedom of Speech
    4. Freedom of Religion

    The first two might certainly be embraced by all.

  3. Time to take back our nation from these corporate whores. That means reform the banking and investment laws, enact SINGLE PAYER healthcare for all, make corporations and the 1% pay taxes, end these wars of empire, prosecute Bush, Cheney, members of the Obama administration and appropriate members of Congress for crimes against humanity, and RESTORE THE BILL OF RIGHTS BY REPEALING PATRIOT, ANIMAL TERRORISM ACT, NDAA INDEFINITE DETENTION, AND SO ON. RESTORE POSSE COMITATUS AND ENFORCE CIVILIAN RULE OVER THE MILITARY. KICK OUT CITIZENS UNITED AND REPUDIATE THE CONCEPT OF CORPORATIONS AS ‘PEOPLE,’ AND MONEY AS ‘SPEECH.’ JAIL THE BANKSTERS AND JAIL THE POLICE AND MAYORS WHO HAVE BEHAVED LIKE NAZI STORMTROOPERS. END THE CRIMINALIZATION OF WHAT SHOULD BE CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED DISSENT. CAN YOU HEAR US NOW–OBAMA?!
    Jeanine Molloff
    UK Progressive.

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