Affinity Groups

Affinity groups — self-sufficient support systems of about 5 to 15 people — form the basic decision-making bodies of mass actions. To participate in a civil disobedience action, either form an affinity group or join an existing one. Check out this information on the what, why, and how to create an affinity group.

Here is a list of Affinity Groups participating in the January 20, 2012, Occupy Wall St. West action.

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San Francisco Interfaith Allies of Occupy
Occupy CPMC
Jewish Youth for Community Action
Occupy the Courts!
Occupy SF Housing
Occupy Housewarming
Seminary of the Street AG
OSF Labor Solidarity Working Group
Occupy Obama
ANSWER Direct Action
Habitual Offenders
Buddhist Peace & Justice League
Causa Justa :: Just Cause
Bechtel Action Group
Occupy Oakland/Move to Amend
28th Amendment SF Group
Musicians United
OccupySF Child Space
OccupySF Child Space
Autonomous Action
Ack-Act Theater
Liberate the Commons
Occupy Labor Solidarity
Autonomous Action
#OccupySFAutonomousAction, #OSFAA
The Debt Offensive
Occupy The Courts!

2 thoughts on “Affinity Groups

  1. 8:00 AM – Oakland Federal Courthouse on Clay St., between 13th/14th Streets –
    Powerfully Peaceful Protest on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of “Citizens United v the Federal Election Commission” when 5 unelected Supreme Court justices overruled 99% of We the People for government of, by and for the corporatocracy.

    8:00 AM – Oakland Federal Courthouse on Clay St., between 13th/14th Streets –

    Then, 11:45 march from SF Civic Center BART to San Francisco 9th District Court of Appeals, 7th Street at Mission –
    Bring signs and as many friends as possible, please, and fwd this.
    Changing the laws that gave corporations so much power is key to most of what we need to create a healthy, sustainable, just world. Ending corporate rule is THE root issue of our era!

    Occupy the Courts with us nationwide with over 100 locations on Fri Jan. 20! –

    As 99% of you know, the corporatocracy was flourishing before Citizens United v FEC and already committing ecocide. “CU” put secret corporate election spending on steroids. Only a constitutional amendment for separation of corporation and state can reverse the egregious Supreme Court rulings that put our democracy up for sale.
    We need a constitutional amendment that establishes BOTH that money is not speech
    AND that a corporation is not a natural person and not entitled to constitutional rights.

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