Occupy the Governor Action

At 3:00pm on January 20, occupy Governor Jerry Brown’s office in San Francisco: State Office Building at 455 Golden Gate Avenue. Please join us to demand that the state government tax corporations and the wealthy 1% to restore education and other crucial services for the 99%. Called by The Debt Offensive affinity group of Occupy SFSU (San Francisco State University).


One thought on “Occupy the Governor Action

  1. Just FYI the Governor’s office in the SF STate Office Bldg is no longer operational. I suggest you send several folks to that building to scout it out to help you plan. Last year I was with a group that did an occupation inside the lobby for hours until we were arrested. Security checkpoints need to be navigated. Given publicity, it’s likely the building will be closed, which might also be great because the workers may then be able to join the protest. (this happened at the Nov 2 Oakland Strike when our group planned to occupy the Oakland State Building) I work with a disability rights group CUIDO. We do direct action to fight state budget cuts. Some of us are in an affinity group just forming and haven’t yet chosen a name or target.

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