Liberate The Commons Action

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street West Day of Action, an affinity group under the umbrella of Occupy San Francisco will liberate a building within San Francisco’s Financial District. On January 20th, 2012, the affinity group will reclaim a foreclosed building for the 99% with the long-term goal of maintaining a space that serves public interests over private interests. In San Francisco, the misappropriation of property by the 1% has left 32,000 units vacant, while current census data indicates that there are 11,000 documented homeless persons subsisting on our streets. The affinity group aims to elucidate the corrupt and unjust eviction and foreclosure processes that force countless people from their living and work spaces for profit. Reclamation of the space is done in recognition of this injustice. More information will be released weekly leading up to the Occupy Wall Street West Day of Action.


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