100+ Protestors Shut Down Four Bank Branches in the Excelsior Triangle

More than a hundred protestors today shut down four bank branches in San Francisco’s Excelsior district to protest bank evictions and foreclosures of home owners and renters in the Excelsior and beyond. One protestor, Craig Rouskey, was arrested for refusing to leave the Bank of America branch as security closed the bank. Thanks to ACCE’s Excelsior group, Occupy SF Housing, and Occupy Wall St West for organizing this action.

Links: Peter Menchini’s pix

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20 thoughts on “100+ Protestors Shut Down Four Bank Branches in the Excelsior Triangle

      • If so, where is it? And where is it going?

        Do you have children? Do they have lives? Where? For how long?

        Does your nation have a life? Is it in danger?

        No. Because we are shutting down the people that will prevent your children (and perhaps yourself, if you live long enough) from having the rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • I am getting a life, which happened to result in me being at the top of a ladder, holding a banner, to protest how the banks and the housing industry have destroyed the American Dream of Home Ownership for your children. As a gay man without children, as a man who has been listed as one of the top 5% of taxpayers in America for 9 of the past 10 years (per the IRS), as a man who would like to die knowing the world is a more sustainable place for human life than when I started my career in software development, I have nothing further to say to you. But you have a great deal of explaining to do to your children. And I WILL make sure they continue to ask you WHY?

      Gene Doherty
      The guy on the ladder.
      OccupySF Communications

      P.S. So Patrick, what’s your answer going to be? I hope it won’t be “sorry, I thought they were idiots!”

  1. great! continue the protest and get all the bankers and tellers of BofA, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo fired, so they can get foreclosed on and join this sorry movement. Do you even realize how many people the banks employee in our city? this is very counterproductive and shameful.

    • This was done to send a message to the banks. Do you know what’s counter productive? Having 2.1 million foreclosures in 4 years in one state, wide spread property values loss, and decrease revenue to local cities and basic public services, like schools. So beforw you throw out what is counter productive, read what these protests are about and find something to fight for.

  2. This is only temp. the closing of those branches. They should focus on the perm. closure of all of them and then focus on the banks corp. headquarters.

    Time to bring them down.

  3. Up on ladders even must have been most exciting great looking protest! Stopping traffic is good for clean air occupy the street blockade the ports of entry, occupy federal highways, occupy everything we the people united we stand one nation 100% Americans

  4. I just love you all !
    You are in my prayers every night and every day!
    Keep up the good fight!
    I and mine are with you in Spirit!
    And Wichita, Kansas

  5. Lmao! Do you really think any bank business was disrupted in any way? All this does is shut down the 99 percent’s access to their money.

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