Financial Sunshine Report

Here is a report on the financial situation of the January 20, 2012, Occupy Wall St West action.

Amounts Raised

Organizers raised the following funds for the J20 action:

$11,425 Raised

Amounts Spent

Organizers spent the following funds for the J20 action:

Print Costs

$290.78 for Spotlight printing
$531.22 for Spotlight printing
$523.40 for Spotlight printing
$523.40 for Spotlight printing
$100.00 for Paper

$1,968.80 for Total Print Costs

Video/Phone, Data Storage, and Internet Services

$709.45 for Panasonic HDC-TM700K Hi-Def Camcorder
$79.99 for Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone (Sprint Phone # (415) 637-7867)
$68.94 for Phone Seidio Extended Life Spare Replacement Battery and Door
$2,639.76 for Phone Two year service plan = 24 X $109.99
$36.00 for Phone Activation fee
$360.00 for Phone Taxes and surcharges = 15 x 2 24
$50.29 for Panasonic HDC-TM700 Camcorder Accessories (Charger, Batt.)
$87.33 for 2 Polaroid Studio Rechargable Night lights for Camera
$1,108.88 for 8TB RAID System
$43.99 for Kensington Lock Kit
$700.00 for Online Policy Group – data storage and Internet services
$99.00 for Clear Spot Apollo Device
$588.00 for 49/mo x 12
$599.88 Foreclosures Data base 49.99/mo x 12

$7,171.51 Total Comms Equipment expenses

Food and Day of Expenses

$1,200? for Rainbow Grocery (waiting for receipt)
$364.27 for Safeway
$150 for Smart and Final
$50 for Walgreens (waiting for receipt)
$661.32 for Fowler Brothers
$2,425.59 Total Day of Expenses

$11,565.90 Grand Total Expenses

-$140.90 Amount Remaining Donation

During the first half of January 2012, representatives of the progressive news portal visited an Occupy Wall St West (OWSW) Action Workgroup meeting. They prepared some video segments about the action which they posted to their website. has raised and provided funding for Occupy Wall St and Occupy DC actions in the past.

Stardust received a request by email from NationOfChange to generate a list of needs for potential funding for the upcoming J20 action. When Stardust asked David where funds were needed, David answered that he was raising some funds for posters and perhaps did Communications need the funds. So, Stardust asked the OWSW Communications Workgroup which together generated a list of communications equipment to request. Then, NationOfChange said they’d also like to provide funds for some food on day of action, so Stardust contacted Ryan who said he’d provide a list of food items after a Food Workgroup meeting taking place on January 11.

At the time, the Communications Workgroup of OWSW submitted a funding request for $6,980 — not knowing how much funding would provide or if the funding request would be approved. representatives responded with a plan to fund $10,000 with the balance of $3,020 to go to Food and related supplies for the day of action. The $10,000 funding ended up going $7,171.51 for Communications, $2,425.59 for Food, and $402.90 for Printing.

They agreed to provide the funding to OWSW through the non-profit organization Global Exchange so that they could issue a wire transfer to another 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, rather than to assorted individuals involved with OWSW. Once Global Exchange received the funding on behalf of OWSW, they sent a thank-you letter, detailing the planned disbursement of the funds received.

Over the next several days, Global Exchange assisted OWSW organizers in disbursements of the funds and obtained receipts for these disbursements.

The Communications Workgroup and the Food Workgroup of OWSW thank heartily for their fundraising efforts in support of the January 20th actions. The support of donors made it possible to communicate among protestors, with grassroots media, mainstream press, and the general public, and to feed hundreds of hungry protestors on the day of the actions. We also thank Global Exchange for graciously receiving and disbursing the funds from to OWSW.

The final accounting is complete and OWSW sent this final thank-you letter to