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A variety of flyers and posters are available for the January 20, 2012, Occupy Wall St. West action, in various colors and sizes. Not all flyers and posters are available in all sizes and colors. If you have a request for another size or color, or if you have a poster to add to this page, please click on Contact above and fill out the form to let us know. For additional formats of some of the flyers and posters, check out (thanks to Oona).

Thumbnail Description
PDF, Color, “Fortress Flyer”
JPG, Color, “Corporations are Not People”
OCCUPY-FLYER-CHINESE Word document. black & white, Chinese language flyer (heavy on text)
OccupyWallStWest_J20_Quarter_bw_spn2 quarter flyers, pdf, b&w, horizontal woodblock
jpg hi-res (can print up to 11″ x 17″), color, black cat
OccupyWallStWest_J20_11x8.5_bw_spn3 pdf (8.5X11), b/w, spanish woodblock print
OccupyWallStWest_J20_11x17_2color_spn one color, one b/w pdfs; 11X17 posters; vertical woodblock in Spanish
OccupyWallStWest_J20_11x17_bw_spn2 one color, one b/w pdfs; 11X17 posters; vertical woodblock in Spanish
OccupyWallStWest_J20_11x17_CMYK pdf 11X17 posters, English vertical woodblock
OccupyWallStWest_J20_11x81.5_bw pdf 11X8.5, b/w, horizontal woodblock w/meet up times

2 thoughts on “Flyers and Posters

  1. your dates don’t match. on occupysf it states jan.20, 2012 but when you go to posters and flyers it states the date as jan. 20, 2011.

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